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Napoleon and Islam: Code Napoleon, Invasion of Egypt and Conversion(?)

France was not always the enemy of Islam and the Muslims. In contrast with the antics of modern French Statesmen such as the thinly closeted sodomite and Rothschild banker Macron and his far-right Zionist counterpart Le Pen, France before and up until the dethronement of Napoleon had had attitudes that were some of the mildestContinue reading “Napoleon and Islam: Code Napoleon, Invasion of Egypt and Conversion(?)”

Lessons Learned from a “Failed” Long-Term Crypto Investor

I am not one to usually use Reddit as a source for an article hahaha (as it tend to be filled by dumb people pretending to be smart) but this crypto story can be useful for rookies getting into the market now to get a perspective: “Have seen a few people make these and realizedContinue reading “Lessons Learned from a “Failed” Long-Term Crypto Investor”

Autism and Atheism Link

Bismillah. This is going to be an article that covers a lot of ground and will draw some interesting connections that I have have made. Firstly, I want to highlight the link between autism/asperger syndrome and atheism for which there is an increasing amount of evidence. But first, what is autism as currently defined inContinue reading “Autism and Atheism Link”

Unraveling the “Religion Causes Wars” Myth

Bismillah. Many of you readers whom have been following the polemics between Atheists and Theists of various stripes are probably familiar with the claim put forward by Atheists that “religion causes war”. This is one of the mantras that especially the Neo-Atheists from the 2000s onwards liked to present and use as one of theirContinue reading “Unraveling the “Religion Causes Wars” Myth”