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Altered Search Algorithms or Search Engine Censorship Lifted In Regards to Bill Gates Conspiracies?

In January this year I wrote the following article on Bill Gates exposing him and his Depopulation Agenda. Initially it only gained some small traction as I had to limit social media exposure of the blog to prevent being unnecessarily flagged. However recently I saw a huge explosion in search engine results hitting this blog for that article and decided to investigate.

On Google, as expected, only official narrative articles were posted. Same on Yandex. However, as of the day of posting, when I went to Duckduckgo I came up third on the first page search terms “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Depopulation”. The same third place on first page for this blog on Bing with the same search terms. On Yahoo this blog came in on a second place on the first page for these search terms.

Now, it could just simply be the parsimonious answer that a search engine changed its algorithm to let me by on fluke. However, my conspiratorial gut tells me otherwise. Three of the top seven-ten search engines place me on the top of the first page, together with the same search engines allowing for many more conspiratorial search results to show up on the front page. Something feels weird. Google, Yandex and Baidu all censored conspiratorial views and relegated them pages back in the search results. But Yahoo, Duckduckgo and Bill Gates own Bing did otherwise. It seems very strange that an accidental stream of select stream of information is coming out to the public swamping them with conspiratorial views on Bill Gates by mistake. Especially considering how I got essentially no hits on the topic for the first 6-7 months of the article being posted.

If we pursue the conspiratorial option and entertain it, then what does this entail? I for one see that Bill Gates has fallen significantly from the grace of the Occult Cryptocrats, having his wife be allowed to leave him and having an optics fail of immense magnitude sabotaging any vestiges of public relations he previously had as he is now portrayed as a Dr. Evil type villain. It must not be fun to be in Billy Boy’s shoes. Do I feel sympathy for him? No, every evil consequence that happens to him is nothing compared to the suffering of hundreds of thousands to millions of people being affected by his evil decision-making.

May Allah guide or destroy this man.

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