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Mossad and Moroccan Honeytraps

As those who are aware of the regional rivalry and cold war between Algeria and Morocco may know, Morocco (as a government) has taken one of the staunchest pro-Israel stances of any Arab nation (barring perhaps some Khaliji states like UAE). Historically, they have always had a large Jewish diaspora there from Roman times 2000 year ago, with Morocco sporting the largest Jewish population in the Arab world before the founding of Israel. There have even been academic murmurings and speculations based upon certain Berber tribes having Hebrew sounding names and having tribal lore tracing their ancestry to Hebrew origins. However, to my knowledge and many Academics, this does not seem to be the case. But I digress.

With this cultural backdrop the story of today may not come as a surprise:

Israeli intelligence, including Mossad, depend on women to do spy work and hunt high ranked officials using seduction and sex.

Mossad has a unit called the “feminine spy” unit which includes many Arab women – mainly Moroccan.

Ould El Kabla, an informant, claimed that according to reports from Mossad agent “Jocelyn Bain”, Mossad had established a network of beautiful women in Morocco, specifying that the women should be pretty and Muslims by birth and origin. This network was major in activating what was used to called “Temporary Marriage” or “Nikah Mut‘ah”, to entrap important Arabic figures, specially in GGC region.

I guess these Shiite practices come in handy.

“Female agents were asked by Mossad to keep an eye on foreigners visiting Morocco, especially those considered to be dangerous to Israel’s security, or those who have a role in Morocco’s and Israel’s intercountry relations. The female agents also had a mission of approaching Arab Americans working in US administration and supporting peace projects in Middle East, to know more about their plans for the region.

There are also reports of these female agents recruiting prostitutes for missions.

Among these women was Nabeela, who recruited girls as young as 12 to monitor and observe Arabs and foreigners with known anti-Israel sentiments while they visited Morocco. 

No surprise that Mossad engages in pedophilia. After all, Mossad, CIA and MI5 all have engaged in using underage honeytraps domestically with their own people to ensnare “targets of interest”. Epstein and before him Roy Cohn, both Jewish (the surnames Cohn, Kahn and Kahan are commonly seen German and East European variants of the Aaronite bloodline of Cohen’s), are the most publicly prolific ones, but the list extends to the likes of Ukrainian-Jew Peter Listerman (that helped procure fair, Slavic girls for the world’s flesh market), as well as the Jewish Zwi Migdal criminal organization that trafficked thousands of Jewish girls to serve as honeytraps for this organization in Argentina and Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th century (at that time Argentina had the 6th highest GDP in the world).

Before she disappeared, Nabeela completed multiple missions throughout the Gulf.

The reports also indicated that Nabeela worked with multiple Saudi and Turkish people affiliated with the CIA.

Some of the female Mossad agents formed a group to to monitor Americans from Arabic origins and film them while having sex. The leader of this group was a Saudi named Wehbi. They worked closely with a man known as “Mahmoud” to recruit potential agents for Mossad in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We see the intertwinement and cooperation of American, European, Israeli and Khaliji Intelligence organizations in their intelligence coordination here to blackmail “targets of interest” that work against the interests of the Anglo-American-Zionist empire. The Turkish MIT (Turkish CIA), which is by far the most competent and professional Middle Eastern intelligence agency headed under the genius Hakan Fidan, has a part of the pie as well but they are not fully aligned with the aforementioned power block.

Another group of four Moroccan agents headed by a girl names Asma formed an upscale prostitution house were they attract Arab officials to have sex and film them. Some Moroccan women working for Mossad also collaborated with a Kurdish man named Hassan, who worked closely with the late PM Rafiq Al Hariri in a number of projects related to relations with Lebanon.

A German newspaper revealed that the German intelligence service provided Mossad agents with fake passports to be used for special missions in Middle East. Mossad female agents used these German passports to move and travel around the world. Their Moroccan passport was only used to come back/leave Morocco. 

Before running the Moroccan group, Nabeela worked with an Asian woman named Ksiea in a group called “Maghrawy Bia.” Their goal was to get close to Arab Americans who are supporters of the peace process in the American administration. Nabeela used to introduce herself as an Emirati intelligence agent. this group also worked in Bangkok and Thailand to monitor Arab Americans working on various peace projects.

One of  Nabila’s colleagues said that Nabila was among the same group that was related to the assassination of “Salim El Lozi”, the chief editor and owner of  “Al Hawadeth” Lebanese magazine. El Lozi was assassinated in the middle of the city of Beirut in July 1980. The same group is believed to be responsible for the death of the owner of a rehab center in the city of Lausanne, Swaziland, who died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Egypt.”

Lesson to be learned: If you are a man of potential “interest” to intelligence agencies, be careful when women randomly insert yourself in your life… ESPECIALLY if they are way out of your league in terms of looks. The ignorance and “small-head” thinking of many men when approached by women of obvious ill-repute is astonishing when observed from the outside. Furthermore, like is seen in many cliché movies, many times you may not even realize that you are a “person of interest” and may end up being flabbergasted as to why you were targeted. The reason is that it is not only about who you are and what you know, but also about whom those you are close to are and what they know; potentially you can be just as a bargaining chip against these individuals to extract the information that these agencies need.

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