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Fully Vaccinated 6x Higher Overall Mortality Than Non-Vaccinated

In the alternative media and conspiracy spheres this has been harped on since the very beginning, but finally we have a meta-analysis by a major country providing us with data to confirm our suspicions:

Raw Covid-19 Mortality and All Cause Mortality Data from the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that double vaccinated people were six times more likely to die of All Causes than unvaccinated people from the end of April to the beginning of July 2021.

This is the first time the government has published data which traps the scale of the lethal side effects of the Covid-19 injections.”

Now people may question the methodology and ask if the overall age of fully vaccinated individuals on average is higher and is thus a confounding variable, which the article preemptively addresses:

In table 4 and 5 of the report, the ONS calculated the death rates per 100k using the complicated age standardised mortality rate formula explained in their report.


This is supposed to remove age as a confounding factor in the table above, but they do not supply the raw data by age band for the age bands they use in their formula. So one cannot check vital aspects of the formula.

Therefore a decision was made to just to use the raw data published above and calculate the death rates per 100k by dividing the death numbers by the population and multiplying by 100,000. We used excel for the calculation since the ONS supplies all the data in excel format.

For the avoidance of doubt –

The Unvaccinated Covid Deaths per 100k in Column11 = 100,000 x Column3/Column6
The Unvaccinated All Cause Deaths per 100k in Column14 = 100,000 x Column5/Column6

The Vaccinated Covid Deaths per 100k in Column 12 = 100,000 x Column7/Column10
The Vaccinated All Cause Deaths per 100k in Column 15 = 100,000 x Column9/Column10

The Vaccine Efficiency as measured by Covid-19 deaths is Column13 = (Column11 – Column12)/the larger of the two columns  as a %
The Vaccine Efficiency as measured by all cause deaths is Column16 = (Column14 – Column15)/the larger of the two columns  as a %
The Death Factor is simply the ratio of the Vaccinated all cause death rate per 100k to the Unvaccinated

The figures are astonishingly revealing.  Using the normalised absolute ratio of Covid deaths between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in column 13 we see clearly that the vaccines were initially 97% effective against the alleged original Covid-19 variant as claimed by Pfizer and Moderna.

But by April their effectiveness in preventing Covid deaths had all but vanished from the raw data, being hidden to some extent by the age differential between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Thereafter, thankfully, the death numbers (from Covid itself) have been pretty low both for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. So all we see is noise around the zero.

There is perhaps a slight discernable advantage to the vaccines as the age differential runs out towards July. However nothing spectacular is seen there.

But when we look at all cause mortality we at last get some idea of the damage done by the gene therapy aspect of these injections.

The overall death rates among the double vaccinated per 100k were around 6 x higher than in the unvaccinated from the end of April until the start of July 2021. These death rates include all the deaths caused by side effects which have not necessarily been clinically attributed to the vaccines.

This is the first data published that manages to capture that figure. During the start of that period it is true that double vaccinated people were on average a lot older than unvaccinated people. So the death rates would be expected to be higher in the vaccinated group.

But all adults in the UK over 18 were called for their first shot by June 18th, at which time the recommended period between shots had been reduced to 8 weeks. So all adults had been called for a 2nd shot by August 13th. So by the end of September the age differential between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated would have been negligible.

But if we extrapolate the non age adjusted death factor figures forward by 12 weeks to September 24th (week 38), they will plainly still be very much in the red and certainly be above 3.

By week 26, 71% of the total population was double vaccinated. So most of the job was done, given that 8-9% are never going to be vaccinated  So this data drives a coach and horses through the concept that vaccines save lives. They do not. Quite the reverse in fact. They make people more likely to be infected with delta and more likely to die.

A further analysis of this data has been performed by Profs Norman Fenton and Martin Neil and can be viewed here.”

This doesn’t even cover what has happened since July and the likely increase in deaths that we will see throughout the fall and winter Data of 2021-2022. May Allah preserve us safe and sane.

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