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Can you be Programmed to Kill on Command? An Introduction to Mind Control by Famed Hypnotist Chase Hughes

Mind Control, a topic that we have frequently seen in popular culture and movies, from Manchurian Candidate (1962) to the recent ongoing series “Stranger Things”, this topic has inundated our collective psyche over decades. So is there anything to it? We often hear frantic and bizarre stories on the internet about the occasional aberrant behavior of artists and musicians ascribed to mind control programs. Others talk about lurid stories such serial killers being in mind control programs, like e.g. Arthur Shawcross being part of mind control programs in the US army and employed in paramilitary death squads to terrorize pro-Vietcong civilians (Project Phoenix). Is there any basis in the research literature for these claims? For the claim that people can be programmed to kill, top selling hypnotic author Chase Hughes argues yes in this well reasoned and composed documentary were he also consults other world renowned experts in the field. Video was forwarded to me courtesy of Qawwamun youtube channel.

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