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Mossad and Moroccan Honeytraps

As those who are aware of the regional rivalry and cold war between Algeria and Morocco may know, Morocco (as a government) has taken one of the staunchest pro-Israel stances of any Arab nation (barring perhaps some Khaliji states like UAE). Historically, they have always had a large Jewish diaspora there from Roman times 2000Continue reading “Mossad and Moroccan Honeytraps”

Modern Art: A CIA PSYOP and Money Laundering Operation

Compare these two paintings and decide which one is more true and beautiful representation of art: or Which one do you think is valued roughly 10 times more than the other? You probably guessed right, its the later one. Most people recognize intuitively that the former is a superior work of art than the latter.Continue reading “Modern Art: A CIA PSYOP and Money Laundering Operation”

CIA and Their Oft-recycled Pattern of Financing: Another Reason why the Americans Remain in Syria

Everyone knows that CIA is one of the, if not the, biggest drug dealing cartels in the world, starting with the Heroin trade in Vietnam, then running the Cocaine trade into the US and manufacturing the crack-cocaine epidemic in poor black neighborhoods, to creating the largest poppy fields in the world in Afghanistan to supplyContinue reading “CIA and Their Oft-recycled Pattern of Financing: Another Reason why the Americans Remain in Syria”

History as a Conspiracy

Everyone has likely heard the terms conspiracy theory and conspiracy being thrown around. People believing that 9/11 was staged, The Moon Landing was fake, the Golf of Tonkin was a setup to get the US involved in Vietnam, Area 51 and Aliens etc. What do these dramatic snapshots conjure up for images in the audience?Continue reading “History as a Conspiracy”