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Devoted to Death Part 1: MS-13, The Cult of Santa Muerte and Human Sacrifices

When Catholicism spread across the world evangelizing their faith to Pagan nations, it has been commonly accepted that they “allowed” local deities to be accepted within the Catholic framework as representatives of specific saints within the Catholic pantheon of saints. These saints would then in theory be prayed to for intercession between the layman CatholicContinue reading “Devoted to Death Part 1: MS-13, The Cult of Santa Muerte and Human Sacrifices”

Twilight language: An Introduction to Symbolism

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius Agree or disagree with that statement, their significance is beyond doubt. Symbols and signs can be universally understood by people without any verbal communication being required, with symbols being able to function as a language conveying meaning for those initiated into their secrets. TheseContinue reading “Twilight language: An Introduction to Symbolism”